Management Bios

Barton O’Brien, Founder

Bart is a reformed Wall Streeter who left his job at a large hedge fund to start his own business. A Pennsylvania native, Bart spent 8 years after college as a pilot in the Marines, serving 3 combat tours in Iraq and west Africa. After graduate school, Bart moved to London to begin a career in finance where he worked for a structured credit hedge fund until moving to New York in 2011 to take a similar job in finance.

Bart is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and has a masters degree in international relations / economics from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins. He is an avid golfer and enjoys hiking and generally spending time with his best friend Walter.

Walter, VP Client Relations

Walter is a white Labrador Retriever who was born on a farm in Georgia. He currently serves as the VP for Client Relations at Your Perfect Puppy, as well as the Chief Morale Officer and Manager of the Treats and Chew-Toys Division.

Prior to Your Perfect Puppy Walter spent most of his time sleeping, chasing pigeons and wrestling with larger dogs in the park near his home. He earned his BA in Basic Obedience Studies from K9 State University, and has masters degrees in cuteness and fetching. He is an accomplished swimmer, and enjoys bully sticks, belly rubs, and drinking from puddles (bad Walter!).