Company Story

Your Perfect Puppy was founded by Barton O’Brien, a reformed Wall Streeter and avid dog lover.

After years working in finance in London and New York, Bart decided that he wanted to own his own business.  So he quit his job to look for other opportunities, but the first thing he did was get a new puppy -an adorable white Labrador Retriever named Walter.

Raising Walter was one of the most rewarding experiences of Bart’s life.  But along the way he noticed that a lot of the products he encountered at the pet store could be made better.  Bart only wanted the best for Walter, so Your Perfect Puppy was born.

At Your Perfect Puppy we make two kinds of products:

  • We take every day items like leashes and harnesses and redesign them to be more functional and user friendly
  • Where we see an opportunity to fill a need we design new products that enhance your relationship with your dog

The result is a line of dog products that make owning a dog more fun and rewarding.

Your Perfect Puppy is a Veteran-owned business and we stand behind our products with a 100% money back guarantee.