At Your Perfect Puppy we create products that enhance your relationship with your dog.  We are passionate dog lovers, and that passion comes through in our designs.  We not only create new products like Your Perfect Treat Pouch, we also take existing products like a simple nylon dog leash and make them better.  The result: Your Perfect Leash.  In either case, we strive to make products that are functional, durable and stylish.

Your Perfect Puppy is a veteran-owned business, and as such we stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Giving back is one of our top priorities and we support charities that help both dogs and vets, The Warrior Dog Foundation and

Review for Harness
Our dog loves the harness

We bought a Your Perfect Harness after struggling to find a harness that fit all our (and our dog’s) needs. And we have been thrilled every since it arrived!! First of all, our dog loves the harness — it fits him in all the right places and is COMFORTABLE!!! His old collars / harnesses seem downright medieval compared to this harness. Secondly, I can’t say enough about how helpful the handle at the top of the harness is. I didn’t really register just how useful it would be to have the handle there until we started using the harness. We use it constantly for training purposes, getting a bit more control, and to give him a boost into the car. I cannot recommend this harness highly enough!
– Kate D

Review for Harness
Makes life more fun and easier

Thelma (a sweet pit bull mix) has fully enjoyed this harness, specifically where the clips are on it and how comfortable it is. She dashes into streams, across fields, and under fences without any pinches or getting stuck. And when play time is over, the handle makes it easier for me to coax and/ or lift her inside (depending on how anxious she’s feeling.)
For a pup that had a bleak future on the streets and then in a kill- shelter a few months ago, this harness is a small luxury (at a price that Mom loved) that makes life more fun and easier. THANK YOU!!!
– Paulina G

Review for Your Perfect Leash
What a great design!

What a great design! I love the combination of the padded handle leash and the attachable treat pouch. Now Beau’s ball, pick-up bags and treats are with us on every walk – never left behind. The harness is well-made, and I love having the three options for attaching the leash. Best of all, the topside handle is ingenious! Thanks for making our outings all the better.
– Maureen Harrington

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